You are currently viewing Ecclesiastes 10:20 | Spiritual Birds Carry Emotional Messages Among Humans

Ecclesiastes 10:20 | Spiritual Birds Carry Emotional Messages Among Humans

Spiritual Birds Carry Emotional Messages Among Humans | Ecclesiastes 10:20

Ecclesiastes 10:20: Even in your thoughts, do not curse the king, nor in your bedroom curse the rich, for a bird of the air will carry your voice, or some winged creature tell the matter.


Hey, how’s it going everybody? In this video, I’m going to be going over some stuff that you can’t unlearn. So I want to warn you. If you watch this video to the end, your perspective will change forever. And you can’t unlearn this, and some of this stuff, some people I know probably won’t be able to handle it. So I want to warn you before you watch this video, so I need to open it up, you’ll be shocked at this perspective, because it’s surprising on what this Truth brings to light and how it’s brought to light. So I’m going to start it off by talking about how the Bible is a spiritual book. Now, the Old Testament is full of a bunch of different wisdom and knowledge and symbolism. Although these things did happen in the flesh. You know, when Christ came and died for our sins, what he did, he brought us into a new age. So when we look at the Old Testament, now, we can spiritualize this book, and see the spiritual meanings behind all sorts of things like mountains, the sea, the desert, all these things have spiritual implications to our internal, spiritual walk in life. So the one thing that I thought was really interesting, was the spiritual meaning of birds. Now, if you read Ecclesiastes 1020 Solomon says, to not think negatively about kings or, or rich people based, take a look what Solomon says about birds in Ecclesiastes 1020. Curse not the king, not in my thought, and curse not the rich in thy bed chamber, for a bird of the air shall carry the voice in that which hath wings shall tell the matter. Now, let’s do a little deeper study here on the word bird here, just to make sure he’s actually saying bird because if you have a carnal mind, this doesn’t make sense. You know, a bird can’t carry your thoughts or your voice to humans and talk to them. Um, so I like to use chat Bible here. It’s an awesome tool, you can get all these different versions of the same verse, and go into the coordinates curse, not the king. No, not my thought and curse, not the rich in that bedchamber for a bird of the air shall carry the voice. And that was Hathaway and should tell the matter. So let’s look at the word bird. So this is why I like this toy, you can go into the coordinates. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew. So you’re gonna get the Hebrew word here. And the New Testaments written in Greek. So but right now, this is an Old Testament verse. So this is a Hebrew word. And the definition is pretty straightforward. flying creature, fowl, insect bird fowl, birds, wings, insects, winged insects. The driver breaks definition bird, as covered with feathers, feathers covering with wings. So yeah, it means bird, you know. So I find that really interesting. So this is a verse that personally for me, really has opened up my eyes to the spiritual realm and, and what the Bible can actually really mean. Today, we have all kinds of science about birds, and even a lot of quantum science that talks about the nature of human connectivity, and how we’re all connected and how we exchange information from one another. Clearly, we, when we speak, watch YouTube videos, we share information. But there’s other ways that we share information too. A good explanation of this, there was this experiment where there was two islands, where they had apes on two different islands. So one island, they went over there, and they taught apes to do this specific function. And then when they taught them that they all started doing it, and they all started teaching each other. And then they went over to the other island that the apes Ron, and went there, just by quantum connectivity. Basically, those apes somehow picked up on the learning curve that the apes on the other island have learned and they were completely separated from one another. So they were able to learn something basically, through this invisible vicarious force that we’re all living in. So, I believe the Bible right here in Ecclesiastes 1020 is giving us this Giving us a hint as to how this works. And so

if you read Revelation and stuff there’s a lot of talk about birds and it talks about how every hateful bird is. Babylon as and habitation for every hateful bird, and demon. And I’ll and a few other things we’ll get into some of the scriptures in a second. Check out what John says in the book of Revelation about birds and this revelation 18 to any cried mightily with a strong voice saying, Babylon the great is fallen, fallen and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit and cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Let’s do a little deeper study here on Revelation 18. Two. These were devils here in the King James. I’ve seen other versions uses were demons. So Babylon, Babylon is a habitation, yeah, for demons, the ASV here, King James devils NASB dwelling place for demons, a prison for every unclean spirit, and a prison for every unclean and hateful bird. So, I mean, clearly, he’s not talking about like, birds, like physical birds. There’s a spiritual thing here, the birds fly in the heavens. And this is the in in the air. And sang is sometimes referred to as the prince and the power of the air and all these principalities and powers and high places and stuff. So let’s just dip take a double check here, make sure the word bird is the word bird. Now this is going to be in the Greek because this is the New Testament, New Testament written in Greek. So we’re gonna get the Greek word for bird here. As you can tell, it’s different already on real simple a bird, there’s not much to it there. Bird laying a bird a foul. So it’s the same exact definition as the, as we saw here in Ecclesiastes Berger. So with the birds carrying messages, this is a quantum connection. That is in the Spirit, you can’t see it with your eyes, you can see real burn or physical burns with your eyes. But the spiritual burns, these are things that you can feel and perceive in the spirit if you’re sensitive to the Spirit. So it’s talking about what song and saying is, you know, he’s warning people not to even think negatively or, or lightly of the rich, or the king, anyone for that matter. You know, it’s not just like, Oh, don’t think bad about, you know, prominent people, you know, you shouldn’t think bad about anybody. That’s not the point. But that the reason I bring that verse up is because it opens up this reality to the function of birds in the spiritual realm. Now, I want to get into some characteristics about birds, that I find pretty interesting. And it makes more sense to have this spiritual connection here. So birds they migrate, because of the seasons, it gets, it gets too hot or too cold throughout the year. And so they migrate. So they don’t, now they don’t migrate, they don’t navigate based on the the hot and the cold. That’s the reason they navigate. Now, the way the functioning navigate is actually they use the magnetic fields of the Earth that are their bodies have a high level iron, and they actually can detect their bodies like just naturally detect the occurrence of the Earth, the electromagnetic curves of the earth. And they follow that to go north or south to avoid the hot or the cold. So that’s really interesting, because did you know that our emotions in our body and our, our muscular system in our brain, it functions with electricity, and so emotionally charged situations, they’re very emotional, and there’s actually electrical currents that run through our body, depending on the frequency we’re vibrating at, basically, which is interesting because they’re trying to avoid the hot and the cold. So there’s this duality, just like our emotions have a positive and negative, just like electricity has a positive and negative charge.

Same thing with the birds they go, they travel because the hot the cold. And just like us, when we’re feeling a negative emotion, we’re gonna migrate we’re gonna try to migrate from that negative emotion. There’s no positive motion, we’re gonna try to migrate towards it. So these are emotional. All responses that we have. And these are responses that birds have. And so knowing that birds communicate emotional messages through to humans, on a quantum level, it makes sense that they also navigate by electromagnetic currents just like our emotions do. So another really interesting thing about electrical current, and if you don’t believe in like, supernatural, like ghost hunters and stuff like that, it’s okay. Um, you know, some of that stuff is hard to believe. But, you know, there’s something there, there is a supernatural realm, and there are demons and there are spirits, there are angels. These are things that are in a different dimension. Sometimes they manifest themselves into this dimension is rare, but it happens. And if you look it up, there’s tons of case studies about it. So anyways, like there’s these ghost hunters and stuff, I don’t fully agree with everything I do. But I do respect their field of study, because they dedicated their lives to something No, there’s something gleaned from it. So in some areas where there’s a high level of spiritual or supernatural or ghost activity, there is they can actually measure the electromagnetic field on air. And when there’s spiritual activity, the needle on that on those meters, they actually spike up. So there’s actually an electromagnetic field behind me supernatural occurrences, which makes sense, like, have you ever, like gotten goosebumps when you like experienced something supernatural, I have goosebumps work is all the hairs on your arm, what happens is the muscles around the follicles, they contract. And then so when they all contract like that, you get these little bumps, just like when you flex your muscles like your muscle, it gets bigger a little bit. Same with the little hair follicles, it flexes up, hair stands on end. And knowing how muscles work. They work with electrical currents. That’s why like, people who exercise a lot, they need Gatorade. Because it has electrolytes, it helps keep the electrical current from the brain to the muscles all communicating properly, because when you sweat, you sweat out the those electrolytes and it can cause muscle dysfunction, and cramping and stuff like that. So electrolytes, it’s not called that for just by coincidence. And so now with the birds back to the birds thing. So if you study quantum mechanics at all, there’s this theory called superposition. What they do is on, by the way, quantum mechanics, quantum is a study of subatomic particles. So we’re all made of atoms, it’s like the smallest bit of matter, basically, and, and like an atom is the thing they split to make an atom bomb. So we’ll get into that a little bit more to it a little bit. So basically, the superposition, what they do is they stimulate electrons. And what happens is when they stimulate the electron, they’re able to measure the stimulation if when they stimulate one electron over here, it simultaneously stimulates an electron way over there. So there’s this simultaneous response. So like, for instance, like because we’re made of all these atoms and electrons and stuff like that, our thoughts and our feelings. It has an effect, because we have a whole universe inside of us, you know what I mean? You know, if you look at the solar system, it’s shaped exactly, it’s shaped very similarly to an atom, you have like a nucleus, the sun, and then you have protons, an array of electrons and stuff like that. orbiting it, just like planets would orbit the sun. And the reason that works is because each atom has its own gravitational pull. And just like the solar system, the planets orbit around the sun because of its gravitational pull. So anyways, they stimulate one of the electrons, they get simultaneous

stimulation of another electron that’s completely separated from it. And what they’re saying is time and space aren’t rules in the quantum realm, either. So like, it’s hard to explain, because it’s hard to talk about things outside of this dimension. But when you get below the subatomic field, the quantum field, what happens down there is literally the rules change. Like here in this dimension, there’s gravity, you know, and all that type of stuff. Only in time and space, so like, as I count to five, five seconds, that’s, you know, there’s time. And then space like I’m here, you’re over there. But in the quantum field, it’s like this. It’s like an ocean of everything’s connected, like with string theory that’s for string theory comes from. And time and space aren’t rules. Now, long before science has figured this out, the Bible has been talking about eternity. So like, eternity, like the definition of eternity, means it has no beginning or end. So there’s this realm where there’s no beginning or end, you know, so that’s forever, there’s not like an end to it, because time isn’t a constraint. And neither space. You know, Paul, the apostle, he said, although I’m absent with you, and body, I’m present with you in spirit. So when you’re getting into the spirit, you’re tapping into the heavens, the heavenly use the different dimensions and stuff like that. And I mean, the Bible talks about this, because it talks about eternity. And when you study these supernatural instances, where you get, you know, goosebumps and stuff like that, and like there’s, you can actually measure it with the electromagnetic field, electricity detector, there’s like these spirits that are operating in this different dimension, basically, and they don’t have been have effect on us on this dimension. So how these birds what they do, they communicate these electromagnetic emotional thoughts, to people around you, to people, you know, to people you don’t know. And in Solomon’s case in Ecclesiastes 1022, Kings into the rich people, so people who try to curse rich people, or angry at rich people, or don’t like the king, anything like that, on the quantum field, there’s these birds that communicate those messages. And those things that you think are a secret, they’re not, you know, they may be for a time. And maybe for a long time, it’ll be a secret. But eventually, those secret things will be shouted from the rooftops. Now, the human condition is, is bad, right? And, you know, it’s the, we’re all born into this thing called sin. And our thoughts in our minds, like, bad things go through them. And a lot of us would be really ashamed to see those to have those things shatter from the rooftop, or communicated by these birds, and to have everyone know, what we’re thinking and all this stuff. So all in this together, we all need Christ the same. So that’s why Jesus Christ died for us. Because, you know, he came to kind of shatter the mold. He said, like, oh, you know, Oh, you haven’t committed adultery? Well, I say, fuse and lust in your heart after another woman, you’ve committed adultery. So he’s talking about what stuff that’s going on your heart in your mind that you’re guilty of it. And it does affect people, these birds, there’s good birds, and there’s evil birds. And these birds will carry those messages to other people, your loved ones, or the person you’re lusting after, you guys will feel this together in the quantum field, even without ever even convenient physical contact, you’re, you’re committing this adultery in your heart in your mind. And it’s hurting somebody. Why, while you and this person are illicitly and diligently, diligently enjoying each other, in this quantum connection that you’ve made and decided to lust after, and with the murder, the hatred, if you have hatred in your heart and your brother angry at your brother, now, I’m not talking about all anger, some anger is good. But like some anger is not good. And I’ll let you decide which one that is. And he said, if you’re angry at your brother, you’re guilty of murder. So like, if you’re like really mad at someone, you’re just like going at it and just hating on him hitting on chances. I mean, the quantum connection. You know, first of all, you’re hurting yourself or being angry, angry is not good for you. It’s about emotion I have. And second of all, you’re hurting the person you’re hating.

Not all the time, sometimes the people are protected, but in your heart, that hatred in your heart. It can cause incredible fear and anxiety in the victim. Even though you think it’s just all just it just in my head and my heart. No one can see it. I’m not actually killing anybody. I’m not I’m not being violent or whatever. Well, Christ said you’re guilty of murder, you know. So this is pot this is all making sense now, because of the quantum field and how we’re all connected and how birds communicate these, these messages and these feelings to one another. Because like I said, they’re using most strong emotions that have a negative and positive charge it affects us. So that’s the main reason I’m making this video is to basically wake you up. And if, you know if this is all new information, you’re a little bit scared. That’s not a bad thing. You know, the fear of the Lord is beginning of wisdom. So if you’re if you’re scared right now, and this is new, there is hope Christ died for your sins. The gospel is seriously that good? Yes, even those thoughts, those ones too. I mean, if you believe it, if you feel a little bit of joy, right there, that’s the Holy Spirit. That’s the joy of the gospel. Gospel means good news, you’re forgiven for all that stuff. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? I mean, you should rejoice in that. But also take responsibility for what’s going on your heart in your mind, because the Kingdom of God is inside of us, you know what I mean? We have a whole universe inside of us, we think of each little atom, as like its own little universe has its own little gravitational pole. Whoa, you know, we’re actually in charge of a lot of stuff. We’re like, we’re like gods lowercase g, in a sense, because Gods give God uppercase G has given us dominion over a certain amount of things, our own heart and our mind, our body. And this stuff does affect other hearts and minds and bodies as well. And when you wake up to this fact, it’ll a bring more responsibility to your to life, be what you see how much you need to save here. And see, I mean, it, it will lead to having authority in this this room, good authority, not bad, but good authority. And it’ll help you fight spiritual warfare. You know, like, for instance, like sorcery, and witchcraft and stuff like this, stuff like that, they they understand us these dynamics of the spirit of the spirit realm, and all that stuff. And what they do is they manipulate it, and they try to curse people from afar with these, these tactics, and with the, with these quantum realities in these birds, you know, these birds will carry these messages around and, and you know, people can curses are real, you know, people can really curse stuff, but with Christ, he became a curse. For us of those who believe can be blessed. You know, he counseled that curse for us. You know, that’s, that’s why the gospel is so cool. It’s so good, because we all need this is it’s not just for the goody two shoe Christians, you know, and His grace isn’t just for the really, really bad sinners. It’s for everybody, because everyone has messed up thoughts and emotions. And it does affect people. All right, it really does. So. So another thing too, we’re made of like, I don’t know how much percentage waters I should have looked it up first. But it’s a lot we’re made. Most of ourselves are made of water, there was this experiment, where they would take these bottles or cups of water, and have these trained meditators focus and meditate their intentions into these bottles and cups of water than each bottle and cup, they were labeled different things like, for instance, like gratitude, or, you know, thankfulness, or I love you. And each bottle and cup had these different

labels on them. So those are the positive ones. The negative ones were like, I hate you, or you make me sick, stuff like that, just like negative emotions, and then focus on the negative emotions into that water to take each labeled water. And they would take tiny little tiny, tiny little drops, like, I can’t remember it’s like little small amounts, and they would like flash freeze them and super cold environment. And what happened was with the positive intent, the water with a positive intention is put into it. When they had freeze, they’d crystallize and create these awesome geometric shapes where consistently you’d be the same geometric shape. You know, each one will be slightly different, but it’d be the same like basic shape. And it was like beautiful, organized and had order and you know, that geometry geometric, and then the negative, the water, that negative intentions meditated into it. When they froze it, it was just disarrayed you know, it was there wasn’t order. It wasn’t all organized and geometric, it was just kind of like, whatever. And so, like, our thoughts like, have a physical effect on water Okay, so imagine like our bodies are organized that and we’re like designed to receive information and emotional responses because we’re a species that communicates to one another. If our thoughts intentions have that type of effect just on water, that it’s just like a blank water is kind of like a blank slate, blank slate there. You know, imagine how much it has on ourselves, you know, on one another. And Matthew, is you match the, the reality that we’re all connected and that these birds carry these messages, you know, to between one another. Like, it’ll make you be a little more careful about what you think and what you feel where it should, if you don’t, if you don’t care, well, I mean, you’d be given over to lawlessness, and God will give you over to debased mind. And that’s just how it works. Because, you know, God doesn’t impose his will on anybody. But if people choose to reject the truth, even when it was plainly given to them, God just like, Alright, go for it, you’re gonna get given over to debase mine, it’s not God doing it. It’s just him letting you do you. Because without God, you have a debased mind. But thanks to God, His death on the cross, forgives us as that and gives us the power to get out of that, and gives us another it gives us a way out gives us something good to focus on. You know, when I was putting this video together, I actually learned a little bit more about birds, in a sense, obviously, but the Bible has two different words for for birds. And it threw me off a little bit first, I didn’t realize this. But one of the birds is referred to as a hopping bird. And I was like, man, what’s the difference? What’s the difference? You’re like, it was obviously different, two different words. And I’ll show you two, the translations and stuff. 14 has the instance of the two kinds of birds. Then every piece of its kind, and all the cattle after they’re kind, in every cripple creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth afterwards kind of every bird of its kind, and every bird of every sort. So these two instances of bird hits two different types of birds. We come down here with this, this is the same verser. So this one of these fowl, so as you can see the concordance here 5775, we have bird covered with feathers. And then we have this bird 6833 Little Bird as hopping. So the little bird, this is a 57750 flying creature fowl and six birds. It’s birds in this instance. As you can see, this is the instance that’s in Ecclesiastes 1020 or says a bird will carry the matter. And then this word, to say I can’t pronounce it to support, I guess, a bird a foul.

A little bird hopping bird. The two types of birds I just mentioned, were from the Old Testament, which is written Hebrew. So now let’s go into the two types of birds that are mentioned here. And the New Testament. So both the Old Testament and the New Testament makes this distinction. And they use these words very specifically, it’s not by accident. So I’ll take this example. We have Jesus saying, Behold the 1000 the air for they sow not neither do they reap. I’m sure we’ve all heard that verse before. So the word for birds here says fouls right here, but it’s word 4071. So go here 4071. Pet to non, to fly wing bird. Okay, so let’s go the root word of that, which is 407. To pet to my and is to fly. So that’s the root word of this type of bird. So this would be the smaller bird. Then we go to Revelation 18. Two. We have this incredible and cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the greatest fallen, is fallen and it’s become inhabited for devils and the hold For every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and on hateful bird. So let’s see this is this word for bird 3730 to become here, so it means bird. So take, but let’s see, the only places this as that is Revelation 18 to Revelation 1917, Revelation 1921. Whereas this incident of birth, you’re gonna find it through throughout the Gospels little more. And like I said, this is not an accident. So we go back here, every hateful bird now, this one is this one. Now the root word for this isn’t found in G 733. So bird, a cock or a hen. So these Coxon hens These are birds that walk with they don’t hop, they walk with foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, and they have larger brains than the smaller birds that hop and that fly around in the heavens. As you can see here, this is the first type. Now the difference here is with this type of bird that’s mentioned in Revelation a few times. If you look here, like I said, this is the root word there. Let’s look at Revelation 1917. And I saw an angel standing in the sun and cried with a loud voice saying to all the files that fly in the midst of heaven, come and gather yourselves together on to the supper of the great God, Revelation 1918, that you may eat the flesh of kings in the flesh of captains in the flesh or mighty men, in the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them in the flesh of all free and bond both small and great. So think metaphysically here, and then look, so we go, then a couple of verses pass, and then we get to Revelation 1921. And the remnant were slain with the sort of him that sat upon the horse, which proceeded out of his mouth and all the fouls, the birds, were filled with their flesh. So as you can see, the Old Testament and the New Testament both make this distinction make, they have the different names for bird here. And as you can see the root word for this particular one. And they mentioned the cocker and so these are birds that can walk on their hind legs, or walk left foot, right foot, so they have larger brains, more electrical current, more electrical activity. So these are stronger birds that actually carry out a form of warfare. And God uses this as a form of judgment. And evil people in sorcery use these things too. Because, like we mentioned a second ago, there is every foul spirit in every cage, in a cage for so Babylon becomes a cage for unclean and hateful birds. These are the hateful birds that eat flesh. Now, there’s hateful birds, and then there’s not hateful birds, and, and so hopping birds, where they hop, you know, they still fly and stuff, but they don’t walk like this, you know. And they hop like that, I’m sure you’ve seen it before. I looked up the difference in this, there’s science studies that study the difference. And

one of the things that really stood out to me was the size of the birds brain determines whether or not the bird hops or walks with the, you know,

so and so that besides the brain that made a difference, so like,

you know, there’s not much research I’ve done on this as connection I’m making in my own on my own here. So you could take with a grain of salt, but sort of like the right brain, like the right side of your brain. It could it controls like the left side, your left leg, and your left, left brain here controls your right leg. And so like these birds have smaller brains, and so their legs, you know, one at a time, they’re just boom, same time. And these larger, these larger birds, they in the book of Revelation, it talks about this, this angel standing on the sun and then calling for this feast for, for the birds to feast on the flesh of mighty men and kings. So that actually eating the flesh, you know if this is off physically, I believe though at one day, physically, there’ll be kings and mighty men, their corpses will be on the ground physically. And there will be physical birds eating their flesh. But there’s a spiritual meaning behind this behind the book of Revelation two, there’s layers, you know. So, like when God’s judgment comes, and rescues and makes things just and all that, there’ll be these birds that feast in fit metaphysically. Now, that will feed on the flesh of kings and mighty men. Now, if you’re, if you have high anxiety, or for long periods of time, your body’s releasing all these chemicals. And it actually in some, some cases, it can cause atrophy. Like some people get real anxious, sometimes they lose a lot of weight, not just because they’re not eating, but because because they don’t have to, but also because it causes atrophy with atrophy just means your body starts eating its muscle. And like steaks and chicken and stuff like that, the the meat we eat is the muscle of animal. So like this, these birds can cause like, chronic strong anxiety, to the point where you wither away. So like, this is a form of judgment, and it’s also wickedness can cause this wicked cursing, can send these evil birds that eat flesh, and, you know, cause anxiety to the point where it diminishes you know, this is serious. I mean, I mean, if we’re, if we’re having serious hateful thoughts about people, we can seriously damage people, you know. You know, and like, that’s why I’m so grateful for the gospel, because I’m not perfect, dude. You know, I’ve had bad thoughts, and I don’t like them. And I’m ashamed of him, and I’m glad to put them in the light. You know, and same with the adultery stuff. Like I’ve had perverted thoughts, bad, you know, thoughts, that is shameful, you know, but the thing is, like, Christ died for me, you know, just like he died for you. And so his blood covers us, and that’s why he invites us to take communion, which is a metaphysical kneel, okay, so it’s like, eat my flesh and drink my blood. He says, and if you don’t do that, you don’t have any part with him. Now, Christ Jesus is here in his flesh and blood right now, that was like 2000 years ago, but he is here. metaphysically and there’s a metaphysical meal of his flesh in his blood to eat and drink. You know? And I mean, a carnal mind is so dangerous because Paul the Apostle, even though he preached the gospel forgiveness to everybody, he was accused of cannibalism. It was one of his charges when he was like, beheaded. Because he would teach communion. And people caught with the carnal mind thought, Oh, he’s teaching cannibalism. Like, no, no, no, no, he’s not teaching cannibalism. He’s teaching like how to feast on the Lord suffer. Which is real and does he’ll, you know, and just like how real that is, it’s also real that are, that are evil things out there that eat us. You know, and Paul even says, like, like when you bite and devour one another, like he’s talking, he’s not literally talking about people go around biting, eating each other. He’s talking about like, in the spirit, like, you know, trying to bind devour, destroy other people. But he says, What happens when you do that is you destroy each other. So

you don’t want to do this is all metaphysical, you can bite and devour one another, in your room all by yourself. It still affects things. That’s why prayer is effective. Because when you pray about good things, instead of being stuck in that mindset, of biting, and devour, and lusting, and all this stuff, you can focus on the good things. And it doesn’t feed into the mess the world is in and all the spiritual pollution that’s out there. You know, because Satan is the is the prince of the power of the air, and that’s where the birds fly. And so there’s spiritual wickedness in high places. And so, you know, there’s a real spiritual reality that people need to wake up to, whether you believe it or not, it’s happening. So it’s like you better get with the program, basically, because if you don’t, it’s gonna be very tough, and you can be very confused and and you’re gonna wonder what happened to your life. And I’m not cursing you or anything like that. I’m just saying like, there is a judgment coming. Okay. And there’s a fire coming around. You know, I believe that’s a metaphysical fire. I don’t think the Lord is interested in destroying the world, the way a lot of doom and gloom preachers are all about. Especially in this generation, there’s too many things that haven’t happened yet. But But I do believe in particular generation, the very, very last generation, that will be a cleansing of the Earth, but it’ll be a different earth. Just like he makes the heavens new in the metaphysical. Like, I always use this example, like, a few generations back or whatever, in the 1960s, or 50s. And even before that, like black and white people couldn’t drink out of the same drinking from, you know, but that’s so different now. So, clearly, God changes stuff for the generations, he changes the insides of people, and then changes that outside changes the world. Because now, everyone, can you send you any phone? In fact, if you said a black person can’t drink the same drinking phone as as, as me, for instance, because I’m white, then, I mean, it’s the other way around, like the white person would be ostracized and persecute rightfully so. I mean, if someone’s trying to say, like, don’t drink out of this drink account, because it’s probably your skin, and that’s freaking retarded. You know what I mean? I mean, we’re all we’re all humans here. God made us all, you know, racism is horrible. But that there was a different environment back then. You know, if the black person drink out of that drinking fountain, that person will be persecuted and ostracize. That’s terrible. You know, thank God, you know that. Thank God for sending Jesus the change things to the generations, you think this generation is different. He’s going to change something. So why the pressure is so gnarly, everyone’s fighting each other and all those divisions because there’s a huge bubble about to pop. And so get with the program, you’re forgiven for your sins, except Jesus Christ as your Savior. So you can walk in truth and light. You know? You know, you’re, you’re saying sins are gone when you set that, you know, but it doesn’t mean you’re not going to suffer stuff. It doesn’t mean the Lord can discipline you and, and cleanse you and purify you with a purifying fire. You know, you get that faith, this stuff, guys. And this stuff is real. I’m not just posting my opinion right here. This is like the real deal stuff. So I really hope you take it seriously. And I hope it brings you closer to the Lord and I hope it gets rid of that carnal mind. Quick note to carnal mind, like you know the Hispanic word. Or in Spanish. Carne Asada, carnal carne, meat, you know, it’s the same root word. You know, you don’t want to have a carnal mind. Because this flesh and blood to Canada inherit the kingdom of God. It doesn’t mean like the flesh and blood are is all evil, like there’s a holy spirit that brings life to our flesh in our bodies that he created all this stuff. It’s just there’s a sickness as sin is going on. So yeah. I hope this all made sense for you guys. You know, and I hope it brings you closer to God. I know has for me, it’s not easy, though. It definitely has been tough actually. Accepting this reality but it’s tough going to the gym and working hard, but like, you get results. And it’s the same with this, you know, you’re forgiving God loves you,

you hold your hand through the whole thing. But he doesn’t let he doesn’t like evil just sticking around, you know, so he’s gonna deal with it. And he dealt with it on the cross. And He deals with it in his in his church body by disciplining and in correcting and, you know, and having us lay down certain carnal things. So, peace you all, God bless you. Jesus is really died for you. So there’s no condemnation for those of Jesus Christ. And God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power, love and sound money. But remember, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. So, God bless you guys. Later.